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Our team of website designers know how to create website that look great and work 24/7 generating leads and phone calls.

Designers That Know What Works

We are a Brampton web designer company that recognizes that building a website is not easy. You are constantly competing against businesses and people all around the globe via the internet. This means that choosing a web designer company should be carefully considered. Our web designer services in Brampton are designed to make you stand out at the international and local levels. 

Our designers design and redesign websites for our clients. We are responsible for creating the website’s visual element as well as making them functional and user friendly.

After meeting with you to determine what you are offering we first want to define your brand. Then we create layouts and designs that present your products or services in an appealing way to your target audience.

Defining Your Brand

The three most important elements to establish your brand are: Your favourite colours, your fonts as well as your logo.  These should be clearly defined from the beginning. It is extremely important for consistency.

This step can be thought of as creating an identity card.  In your company, you will use these elements everywhere.  Not only on your website, but all social media platforms, your business cards, etc. This is how customers will be able to recognize your company.

Local Bullseye Colour Palette

Your Colours

You can create stunning designs with the perfect combination of colors. To find your right color combination for your design go to Coolors.co. You can quickly create colour palettes from there in seconds.

Logo Creations

Perhaps you already have a company logo. If not, we can create one for you but it’s also possible to create your own. Canva.com is a great online graphic tool that we highly recommend. You can customize the layout to suit your individual needs. It is possible to remove, add or change elements as well as the colours.

This is where you will find your color palette useful

Local_BullsEye Marketing Logo
Local Bullseye Colour Palette

Your Fonts

Last, you need to decide on the font type that you would like to use for your website.  We recommend that you choose 2 maximum 3 fonts.  If you have too many fonts, your design could look very amateurish. Our tendency is to choose the simplest fonts. 

Whatever font type you choose make sure that they are compatible. Ariel and Vadana are an example or what we are using is Montserrat and Open Sans.  You can choose whatever works best for you, but remember to keep the mobile user in mind.  Does your font combination look good on mobile device?



What We Do

After determining the details of your brand, our designers create layouts and designs that present your products and or services to your customers in an appealing way.

Communication with clients is important to us. Your satisfaction is our top priority. All site requirements and requests are welcome. We will send you layouts and drafts to approve before any work is done.

Once the brand is defined we strongly encourage clients to allow us to use our Bullseye Vision to establish the format of your website.  We feel using our Bullseye Vision is the most important aspect in our web development process. It’s the difference between your business being found on the internet by strangers or your website collecting dust bunnies and hearing crickets. If you want your phone ringing then please consider part of the process.

About Web Designer Brampton

David Slocombe owned 2 Flower Stores, and helped establish a landscape construction company.

One thing that kept him awake at night was his inability to know if he was getting any value out of his marketing dollars.

In order to assist his landscape company in generating leads and being visible online, he started studying about online marketing and direct mail.

Local BullsEye Marketing was founded by David, who combined his experience in designing websites and generating leads with his passion for helping local businesses. We help business owners market their business so they can do what they enjoy.

Our  websites are designed to work for you 24/7. That is why our tag line is Find. Attract. Close. Your website’s main purpose should be to be seen by as many people as possible who are looking for the products or services you are offering.

In order to be seen by your target audience we must first Find the terms your ideal client is using on Google when they are searching for the services you provide.

We wil use these terms in the proper places on your website to first Attract Google to place your website directly in front of your prospects. And secondly Attract your prospects to visit your website.

And finally we will Close your prospects by the researched content, properly placed call to action buttons and highlighting your reviews. Our strategy will get your phone ringing.

Let’s Get Our Designers Working For YOU!