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98% of consumers check their mail daily that is why we encourage all small business owners to advertise in the most effective way by mail.

We have 3 types of postcards. Giant Co-op Postcards, Highly Targeted Co-op Postcards and Solo Mailers.

Giant Co-op Postcards

5000 & 10,000 Giant Billboard Style Postcards mailed to 5000 & 10,000 homes.

You get an EXCLUSIVE space – No competing businesses are allowed – Only one hardware store, one pizza shop, one auto repair shop, one electrician, one beauty salon, you get the picture… This way you’re not paying to ride along with your competition

9” x 12” (yes, it’s a foot long and nine inches wide) Postcard – largest piece of mail allowed by the post office without folding – giving instant and unhindered visibility

The postcard is professionally designed, colorful, distinctly visible and weather/handling proof as it’s printed on 14pt heavy card stock with glossy protection

We handle the entire process! From professional design and printing to shipping and handling, storage and sorting, and delivery to the local post office

Not only do you get maximum exposure at a nominal cost – consumers hold on to these postcards for quite some time because there are great every-day use offers next to your ad. Consumers tend to put it on their coffee table or fridge – so your business gets repeat exposure by association

Co-op mailer prices for local businesses to Minimize Cost and Maximize Exposure 1 space – $350/5000 cards $600/10000 cards less than 7 cents a card 10% off for multiple spaces on the same card 10% off when purchasing an ad in multiple cards.

A tried and true medium that will absolutely get you guaranteed exposure. Get the ONLY Business in YOUR Category Directly in Front of thousands for less than 7 CENTS per Household

Highly Targeted Co-op Postcards

We also offer a more targeted Co-op postcard with only 6 exclusive businesses per postcard that are targeted to specific high income households. Our mailings start at $350 per spot for 2500 highly targeted upper residential homes.

Solo Postcards

If you want to go it alone we can do this as well.

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