Website Development Brampton

Developing websites that work 24/7 generating visitors, phone calls and leads


What Does Website Development Mean?

Website development (also known as web development) refers to tasks involved in creating and maintaining websites or applications that are accessible online through a browser. This may include web design, database management, or web programming.


What Is The Average Time It Takes To Develop A Website?

Each project’s timeline will vary depending on its features and size. We are a Brampton website development firm that provides realistic timelines. We estimate that a web design project will take between four and eight weeks to complete. However, the speed of the project depends on each client. The project timeline is affected by factors such as your availability to provide inputs and feedback throughout the process, and how fast the content can be made available.

The complexity and size of your website is another important aspect. Websites with more pages or complex sites will take longer to finish. We share the timeline with you at the beginning of your project, and we deliver the work within the time frame agreed upon.

Work With Our Team Of Talented Developers & Designers

WordPress powers over 34% of all websites. It is also our favourite content management system. This flexible, easy-to use CMS is the preferred CMS for many of our projects. It has been used by most of our team. We also work with Drupal and Joomla content management systems.

Our Process & Workflow.

Using our 3 step approach of Find. Attract. Close we make sure your website works 24/7 generating phone calls and leads for your company.

We believe the key to our approach is our BullsEye Vision Research.  Using these findings of our research and implenting them into your website layout is the most important step in the development process.

Project Research

Understand your business and vision and then use our BullsEye Vision to conduct keyword research in your industry.


Finding your colour palette and fonts to design your logo which will be used for all of your online properties to share your vision.


We will diagram the design and pages of your website based on our BullsEye Vision keyword research results


Once the wireframe outlines have been agreed upon we will develop all of the pages of your website and their functionality.


Using your branding and a combination of your content blend we will complete the design of your new website.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s connect so we can discuss your web project.  And can in the process you will be able to learn how we may be able to you achieve your online goals.